At Essential Custom Clothing we offer passion in dealing with your designs. & we pride ourself to always giving the highest level of service and increasing your brand representation within your industry!

We offer embroidered workwear and clothing to all sectors, therefore there is something for everyone. Whether you are working in a corporate setting, hospitality, retail our wide range of products ensure your workforce feel part the part as well as of course looking the part.

Choosing to shop with us will guarantee you the opportunity to add professionalism within the workforce, accelerate customers overall perception and lastly contributing to staff’s satisfaction and moral.

What Is Embroidery?

Embroidery is one of the most popular branding, application methods (For a good reason)! The high quality texturized and hard-wearing results are difficult to beat.

At its most basic sense, embroidery is the craft of decorating a garment with a needle and thread, creating a stunning 3D effect. This decoration method is applicable to almost any design, and our Barudan embroidery machines can embroider at speeds of up to 1,100 stitches per minute with up to 15 different coloured threads.

Ideal for both complex and minimal designs, embroidery is the perfect choice for any business looking to create a smart and professional branded uniform.

Benefits Of Embroidered Clothing

Looks Professional

The finished result of having a design stitched into a garment that creates a highly professional look and is a great way of enhancing your business to locally & nationally.


Our machine has the capacity to fulfil Perfect for complex designs (upto 14 colours in one design).

You are selecting our stock threads (Madeira, Frosted Mattee, and even fire-resistant).

Practical & Durable

Workwear needs to be hard wearing, durable and long lasting and with choosing Embroidery for your design.
Your logo with physically be stitched into the garment and it will provide you with a design that fades over time, as some print alternatives might.


You’re free to customise your embroidered garments to entirely your preference with a variety options available to you. We have various frames to allow us to embroider several styles and size designs.

How Is The Embroidery Process Carried Out?

With over 35 years’ experience in embroidery workwear, it’s safe to say that we know exactly what we’re doing. Our highly skilled team of designers and machinists oversee all stages of production to ensure the highest standards of quality, and our factory has the facilities to efficiently produce large bulk orders within a short-time frame.

1. Making Your Enquiry – It couldn’t be easier to get in touch with us at Essential Custom Clothing.

If you know the garments you desire, you can order through our website via our product pages or you chose to fill out one of our request forms.                                                                   


If you’re looking to discuss your order in further detail, then you’re welcome to calling our dedicated workforce on 01527 757439 or 07956889194 and we’ll be delighted to talk through it with you.

2. Working With Your Logo At Essential Custom Clothing, we are the Workwear supplier and it is our passion to guarantee you the highest level of service and Brand representation with our service. “Your Brand – Our Passion”.

3. How We Do It?

The embroidery process is broken into four simple steps:


Step 1

Firstly our machine worker will set the Vilene (backing) behind the garment to protect it during the embroidery process.
They will take care in lining up the frame in the correct position.


Step 2

Our machine operator will the place the frames on the garments and will proceed to start the embroidery embellishment.
Whilst the machine is running the machine operator will be preparing to frame up the next set of garments


Step 3

When the embroidery run has finished on the machine, the embroidered products and Vilene will be taken off and placed to one side ready for the cleaning & steaming process.

Step 4

Packing & Shipping – All embroidered garments will then be placed through a quality check before packing to ensure there are no frayed threads and all designs high quality.

We have the capacity to hold large orders in our warehouse prior to shipping.

At Checkout, we are now bringing customers the opportunity to select from several different delivery options – Economy, Express, Premium.