Uniform Man-Packing

At Essential we understand the stress and hassle that can be caused by ordering 100’s of uniform and receiving, t-shirts, jackets, trousers and shoes all packaged together and then having the problem of trying separate and distribute the correct items to each employee.

When you’re faced with a bundle of different items, sizes that are specific to each person’s requirement – Where do you start?

Look no further; with our Uniform Man-Packing service that we have offer an easy, streamlined service.

What is Uniform Man-Packing?

When ordering uniform for a group of employees or team members, uniform man-packing involves us organising and packing each complete uniform set in a way that simplifies the distribution process; which is extremely useful when dealing with large orders that require efficient handling and distribution to different individuals or departments.

Uniform Man-Packing can save time and effort during the distribution process, especially for large orders organisations with multiple locations or departments. It helps ensure that each employee receives the correct uniform set and eliminates the need for additional sorting or assembly at the time of distribution.

What Is The Process Of Uniform Man-Packing?


Select all of the items that you wish the purchase for your work-force. Then after the check-out if you could kindly email in with your Order Number & Man-Packing requirements (identifiers, items, sizes, quantity).


Once your items have been produced and branded to the approved requirements, then our dedicated team with work tirelessly to prepare each individual kit based on the order received.


When all of your items are complete and are packaged. We will then deliver to your main company address and you also have the opportunity to posting the packs out to each individual employee.

What Is the Benefit To You & Your Business?

Sorting & Bundling

Save time by having us sorting and bundling complete uniform sets. This includes items like; shirts, trousers, jackets, hats, and any other garments or accessories.


Once the items are sorted and bundled, they are placed in appropriate packaging, such as individual bags or boxes. Each package contains all the components required for a single uniform set.


To ensure easy identification and distribution, each package is labeled with relevant information. This may include the employees name, department, size or any other necessary details. Barcode labels or unique identifiers can also be used to streamline the tracking process.

Organisation & Storage

The labeled packages are then organised and stored in a way that facilities easy access and retrieval. They may arranged by department, employee name, or any other logical grouping - dependant on the specific requirements of the organisation.


When it's time to distribute the uniforms, the pre-packed and labeled packages can be quickly and accurately handed out to the respective employees or departments. The labels provide clear guidance, minimising confusion and errors.

Why Choose Uniform Man-Packing?

Cost Effective

We understand and recognise that time is essentially money, therefore if you have a large workforce then uniform man-packing will save you a fortune in the long run.

Quantities, item sizes, and all requirements are diligently checked prior to delivery.

Attention to Detail

We take pride and make it our duty to triple check every aspect of your requirements before sending it out.

We even go the extra mile, by stocking your workforces uniform on our premises to distribute out as soon you have hire a new staff member, or for any other reason.

We handle the whole process for you to ensure that you aren’t holding on to, or managing masses of workwear or PPE.

Fully Tracked

All ordered products in the pre-packed kits are individually assigned to the employee which makes it considerably easier to track who has been given what.

This is particularly beneficial and valuable if an employee leaves the company, this will allow for a clear record of what they have received from us in their uniform man-pack.

Expert Advice

During the ordering process our experienced in-house team are on hand put together the right packages for your industry.